Reimagining Travel

Established in 2023, Reimagining Travel is redefining the travel experience: by being on a mission to make travel more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive.

Our journey began 15 years ago with a vision of change, and now we’re officially here to rewrite the rules of exploration, for our purpose is clear: lead the travel industry towards sustainability, enhance the travel experience through technology and innovation, and promote responsible, ethical, and inclusive tourism.

Travel that benefits the environment, ecosystems and community.

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About Reimagining Travel

Embark on a transformative journey with Reimagining Travel as we take you on a life-changing adventure where we prioritize creativity, sustainability, and respect for cultural differences. Our unmatched boutique safari experiences throughout Africa, which range from opulent wildlife camping to breath-taking scenery, perfectly capture our dedication to inclusiveness and ethical tourism. Our staff makes sure your trip is unique and unforgettable, whether you're visiting the wildlife sanctuary of East Africa or taking in the cultural treasures of Southern Africa. Together, let's make some truly memorable moments

Our Luxury Safari destinations

Explore our unique Africa tours and safaris, where you'll witness the majestic Big Five on guided drives with expert trackers. Immerse yourself in cultural and natural beauty, staying in accommodations that reflect Africa's essence. Gain profound insights into local traditions and return home forever changed


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African Destinations

Sustainable Tours

Through a core set of values and philosophy, we embark on a travel journey that envisions and implements an approach that enhances the experience for both travellers and the destinations they visit. Our devotion to sustainability runs deep. We're on a mission to minimise the environmental footprint of travel. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and nurturing local ecosystems, we strive to leave a lighter, greener footprint.


Luxury Kenya Getaway

A big thank you is due to you for the wonderful trip you planned for us ! Pradeep and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will remain as one of our most memorable ones ! For sure Pradeep and I will return to Kenya and visit Tanzania too in our next visit !

Lushin Dubey & Pradeep Dubey

Luxury Kenya Safari Getaway

We've had a memorable trip thanks to your personal indulgence. We are spreading the word around reg our wonderful experience with you and your company. Inshallah you'll have many more clients from India. Loads of luv to you and your loved one's. Warmly Sherry

General KMS Shergill

Luxury Tanzania Photographic Safari

😁 Overall, we had a very good trip and everything worked well! The lodges were super, Frank and Apollo were as good drivers as they were guides and we were very well looked after everywhere, and have come back home with wonderful memories!

Sudarshana Talapatra

Kenya Reunion Safari

This is a message on behalf of my wife and myself to record our deep appreciation of the special and comfortable arrangements that you made for us when we visited Kenya. Our trip went through without a single hitch. The wildlife that we saw was beyond our imagination thanks to Edwin and Patrick who are Masai and therefore experts at jungle craft. With our warmest regards and blessings. 🙏 Nayyars.

Mr and Mrs Nayyar

Luxury Southern and Eastern Africa Getaway

Thank you so much indeed for a wonderful and memorable trip that you organized for all of us. Anyone coming to this side, we would be delighted to highly recommend you. All of the people who took care of us over the 21 days trip were amazing and very cooperative. We had great time and taking back home memories of life time. Thank you so much and best regards.

Vinod & Ruchi Gera

Luxurious Vacation in Tanzania

We can't thank you enough for the dream Safari experience you garnered for all of us. Right from the beginning, until we reached Kilimanjaro airport, it was just perfect. Your suggestions in making the itinerary were perfect. The drivers cum guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. The choice of lodges was again wonderful. All in all, it was a dream Safari holiday that will remain with us through the memories we have captured through our lenses. Cheers 🥂

Col Brijendra Singh

Luxury Tanzania Holiday

Thank you very much for giving all of us wonderful life time experience of Wild life. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip Great Hotels Great food with fantastic Service and your Outstanding hospitality on the day when we arrived. Both the Guides were extremely humble and looked after us very well throughout our trip. We shall certainly recommend to all our family and friends.

Naveen Jain

Reimagining Sustainable Travel

At Reimaging Travel as our name suggests, we prioritize sustainability and aim to create positive impacts through responsible tourism. We believe that travel can be a force for good, benefiting both the local communities and the environment. By choosing sustainable travel options, you can contribute to the preservation of our world's natural beauty and cultural heritage, while also supporting the local economy.

Ask us anything

We believe in the power of personal touch. Each journey is a canvas where we understand your unique desires, allowing us to blend customised recommendations, tailor-made itineraries, and bespoke services into a masterpiece of travel.

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