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Seychelles Tours & Safaris

A Dream World in Real Life
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Seychelles Historical Background and Economic Overview

The Seychelles Archipelago, some of the planet's most ancient islands, remained virtually uninhabited, save for the occasional pirate, until the 18th century when French settlers from Mauritius and their enslaved workforce arrived. They planted crops and spices, giving the islands their first taste of civilization. In 1814, the British took control of the Seychelles following their rise to power in the Indian Ocean. Despite this change in rule, the islands continued to embrace French practices, resulting in a lasting French influence. It was not until 1976 that the Seychelles finally gained independence from Britain.

The Seychelles’ early economy centred around plantations, primarily producing cinnamon, vanilla, and copra, which were major exports. However, the game-changer came in 1971 with the establishment of an international airport on the archipelago. This paved the way for tourism, now employing around 30% of the population, propelling the Seychelles into a period of rapid economic growth. As a result, the Seychelles currently boasts the highest Human Development Index in Africa.

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Seychelles People, Culture and Belief

The people of the Seychelles have diverse ethnic roots, including Africa, Europe, India, and China. Nonetheless, the culture that has evolved in the Seychelles is uniquely Seychellois, blending African and Asian traditions, superstitions, and culinary influences into the local way of life. The majority of the Seychelles' 86,000 residents reside on Mahé Island, the largest in the archipelago, leaving many of the other islands with sparse or no population. The Seychellois culture is characterised by a matriarchal and religious society, with an overwhelming Roman Catholic presence. Music and dance are popular pastimes, and visitors may find themselves taking part in the Moutia, a dance infused with strong African and Malagasy rhythms. While French and English are spoken across the archipelago, the everyday language of use is Seychelles Creole, which is based on French.

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Seychelles Landscape and Wildlife

The Seychelles Archipelago is defined by the classic ``desert island`` landscape, featuring lush tropical vegetation, palm-fringed beaches, and the mesmerising blue waters of the ocean. The archipelago comprises 115 islands divided into two groups. The granitic inner islands, more densely populated, are famous for their boulder-strewn beaches and forested, mountainous interiors. In contrast, the outer coralline atolls are flatter, dominated by palm trees, and are largely uninhabited.

Geological isolation spanning millions of years has led to a high rate of endemism among the archipelago’s plants and animals. Notably, there are a dozen bird species unique to the Seychelles, including the incredibly rare Seychelles white-eye and magpie-robin. Other terrestrial wildlife highlights include the giant tortoises on Aldabra Island, which are the largest in the world. Birdwatching opportunities are abundant on islands like Bird, Cousine, and Aride, and from October to February, hawksbill turtles come to nest. However, the true marvel lies in the marine environment.

Thanks to a longstanding commitment to marine conservation, the Seychelles boasts some of the world’s finest reefs, supporting over 1,000 species of fish. Unsurprisingly, diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles offer truly breathtaking experiences. In many cases, you can step directly off the beach and swim to pristine coral reefs. The inner islands provide accessible underwater landscapes featuring submerged boulders, cliffs, and peaks, while the outer islands offer remote reefs suited for more experienced divers.

Seychelles's Capital City


Seychelles's Population

9 million

Seychelles's Currency

Seychellois Rupee

Seychelles's Language

French, Seychellois Creole, English

Seychelles's Calling Code


Set against the serene backdrop of the Indian Ocean, where stretches of powdery soft beaches are interrupted only by imposing granite boulders and occasional clusters of swaying palm trees, Seychelles vacations stand out as a quintessential beach destination. Yet, their allure extends beyond the picture-perfect shores. With a selection of acclaimed Seychelles hotels, resorts, and stylish villas, this destination invites you to indulge in your dream of a tropical island getaway in the lap of unparalleled luxury.

Picture awakening in your opulent suite, pondering the day ahead: a delectable breakfast served on your private sun-soaked terrace, a leisurely beachfront stroll, a rejuvenating spa massage, and perhaps an underwater adventure with snorkelling or diving. What’s remarkable is that you may not need to venture far, as most islands are encircled by shallow reefs. In just a couple of strokes, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of vibrant fish and the possibility of encountering a graceful sea turtle or two. To cap off your day, there’s nothing quite like sipping sunset cocktails and relishing a delectable dinner by the ocean’s edge.

Doesn’t it sound like a paradise? Indeed, it is, and it’s no wonder that Seychelles ranks among the top choices for a romantic getaway, including a honeymoon. The service is exceptional, logistics are seamless, and the array of small resorts and secluded coves makes it easy to find your own secluded slice of beach during the best time to visit Seychelles. For the utmost in privacy and exclusivity, consider hopping over to one of the Seychelles private islands, such as the luxurious Denis Island, where you can have virtually the entire place to yourselves. Seychelles vacations consistently deliver on their promise of an unforgettable experience.

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Pristine Beaches and Diving Delights

Seychelles, a true earthly paradise, boasts some of Africa's most exquisite beaches. The Seychellois coastline is a picturesque canvas of soft white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, creating a dreamy setting. From the remote and secluded shores of La Digue to the renowned Anse Lazio, each beach in Seychelles is a marvel to behold. Beyond their stunning beauty, these beaches offer a plethora of activities, from snorkelling, surfing, and kayaking to stand-up paddleboarding. Apart from its breathtaking beaches, Seychelles holidays hold immense appeal for diving enthusiasts. The waters surrounding Seychelles provide a unique opportunity to explore coral reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater rock formations teeming with colourful fish, graceful sea turtles, and even the occasional sighting of whale sharks.

The Aldabra Atoll stands as one of the world’s most sought-after diving spots, harbouring over 1,000 species of fish and 700 species of coral. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned diver, Seychelles stands as one of the world’s premier diving destinations. We have the insider knowledge to help you discover the perfect dive resort in Seychelles.

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Extraordinary Wildlife and Marine Marvels

What many visitors might not realise is that Seychelles is a sanctuary for some of the world's most extraordinary and captivating wildlife. With over 100 bird species and a diverse array of marine life, Seychelles is a nature enthusiast's dream come true. Among the notable wildlife are the giant tortoises, which can live for over a century and weigh up to 500 pounds. These gentle giants are a must-see for anyone visiting and can be found on various private islands in Seychelles. Seychelles is also home to several species of rare birds, including the Seychelles warbler and the Seychelles magpie robin, both of which were once on the brink of extinction but have been successfully reintroduced and now thrive in their natural habitat. The experience varies depending on where you choose to explore in Seychelles.

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Creole Culture, Cuisine, and Lifestyle

Seychelles is a melting pot of cultures, and this rich diversity is vividly reflected in its vibrant Creole culture. Shaped by a blend of African, European, and Asian influences, Seychelles has forged a unique identity expressed through its cuisine, music, and way of life. Don't miss the chance to savour dishes like fish curry, coconut bread, and tec-tec soup, made from tiny clams found in the Seychelles' shallow waters. The Seychellois lifestyle is easygoing and relaxed, mirroring the island's natural beauty and tropical climate. Music and dance hold a special place in Seychellois culture, with traditional Sega music being a captivating highlight.

Seychelles is also renowned for its art, with numerous local artists creating works that capture the island’s natural beauty and diverse cultural influences. Whether you’re exploring the bustling markets of Victoria, relishing a delectable Creole meal, or simply unwinding on one of Seychelles’ stunning beaches, you’re bound to be captivated by the unique blend of cultures that makes this island paradise truly special.

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Year-Round Vacation Destination

Seychelles offers year-round appeal, thanks to its warm tropical climate and breathtaking natural beauty. Situated just south of the equator, the islands enjoy warm temperatures and abundant sunshine throughout the year. Even during the rainy season, which falls between November and February, the weather remains warm and humid, with brief showers interspersed with long stretches of sunshine. This makes Seychelles an ideal destination for those seeking to escape the cold winter months in other parts of the world.

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Awe-Inspiring Accommodations: Hotels, Resorts, and Private Beach Villas

Seychelles vacations are synonymous with luxury accommodation options, featuring a range of hotels, resorts, and private villas that offer world-class amenities and unparalleled levels of comfort and service. Whether you're in search of Seychelles honeymoon resorts or a simple beach escape, there's something to cater to every taste and budget. Some of the most popular luxury hotels and resorts in Seychelles include the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, the Constance Lemuria, and the Enchanted Island Resort, all of which provide stunning ocean views, private beaches, and top-notch facilities.

For those desiring even more privacy and exclusivity, Seychelles offers an array of private villas and island resorts, providing an immersive and secluded experience. From the North Island Seychelles, where Prince William and Kate Middleton famously honeymooned, to the private villas of Denis Private Island Lodge, Seychelles presents plenty of options for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and privacy. With their remarkable locations, exceptional service, and world-class amenities, your holiday experience in Seychelles will undoubtedly be unlike any other.

A journey to Seychelles unfolds like a dream vacation, where ivory beaches, azure waters, and luxurious accommodations conjure an exotic tropical paradise that might not be immediately associated with Africa. Comprising 115 islands, Seychelles offers a plethora of destination options, although many of these islands remain uninhabited.

With such an array of Seychelles destinations, where should you explore? While most visitors opt for Mahé or Praslin, given the richness of attractions, we propose a touch of island hopping. Discover the compact La Digue, indulge in lavish days on exclusive private islands, or venture to the remote Outer Islands, a mecca for exhilarating scuba diving. Diving conditions are favourable year-round, but if you desire crystal-clear waters with visibility up to an astonishing 30 metres, the best time to visit Seychelles is during April to May and October to November.

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Mahé Island: All-Encompassing Paradise

As the largest of the Seychelles islands, Mahé boasts an array of sandy bays, including the famed Baie Beau Vallon, often heralded as one of the finest beaches in Africa. Stretching for miles, it offers excellent swimming, fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities, and a wide choice of dining establishments. Mahé is home to numerous points of interest worth exploring. Rent a car, embark on a scenic journey through tea and vanilla plantations, navigate winding forested hillsides, and descend into Victoria, one of the world's smallest capital cities. Spend a morning strolling along the broad boulevards, peruse the local markets teeming with exotic fruits and spices, and don't forget to shop for pareos (sarongs) and handmade jewellery.

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La Digue: Picture-Perfect Shores

If you've ever marvelled at those impossibly perfect Seychelles images, chances are they were captured on the enchanting La Digue. This laid-back island maintains the traditional Seychellois way of life, and the best way to explore it is by travelling as the locals do - on bicycles. Pedal your way to palm-fringed shores, such as the renowned La Digue Beach nestled among towering boulders, and take a dip in the clear, warm waters. Basking in the sun at Anse Source d'Argent, lauded not only as one of Africa's finest beaches but also as one of the world's most beautiful.

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Private Islands: A Beach Lover's Paradise

For those with a generous budget, Seychelles' private islands offer an unparalleled experience of luxury and complete seclusion. Spacious villas open up to pristine white-sand beaches, private pools overlook the ocean, and personal butlers provide impeccable service. Whether you desire a candlelit dinner on your private deck or on the beach, the choice is yours. Our top picks for a private island escape include Cousine Island and Denis Island, where luxury accommodations like Denis Private Island Lodge offer a world of exclusivity. However, for a true taste of royalty, North Island, the honeymoon retreat of Prince William and Kate, is the ultimate choice. Each exclusive-use island is reserved solely for the guests staying there, providing the rare opportunity to experience your very own tropical island.

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Outer Private Islands: Exceptional Diving and Snorkeling

The outer archipelago of Seychelles comprises numerous groups of coral islands, many of which remain uninhabited. Some are no larger than a sand spit, encircled by immaculate coral reefs, making them a remote paradise. Diving in this region is nothing short of extraordinary, with columns and caves to explore and a wealth of marine life, from minuscule reef fish to turtles, mantas, and hammerhead sharks. Best of all, you'll often find yourself with no other divers in sight. A select few outer islands offer accommodations, with the Four Seasons Desroches Island, located approximately 230 km from Mahé, being a notable choice. Apart from being an ideal destination for a secluded and private getaway, it's also frequently considered one of the premier African honeymoon destinations.

The most favourable times to explore Seychelles are during April and May or in October and November, as these months are characterised by reduced windiness. These periods neatly fit between the two annual trade winds affecting the region: the northwest trade wind prevails from November to March, while the southeast wind dominates from May to September.

Situated just below the equator, Seychelles experiences consistently warm and idyllic beach weather throughout the year. The warmest months extend from December to April, while the wettest conditions typically occur in January and February. Nevertheless, rain showers are usually brief tropical occurrences, followed by the return of the sun.

The ideal time to visit Seychelles begins in January, offering a respite from the European winter, along with consistently high daily temperatures. The month is characterised by warm weather, although it can be quite humid, with occasional afternoon showers providing a refreshing break. Choosing the right time for a Seychelles vacation often revolves around the seasonal trade winds that can bring seaweed to some of the island’s beaches.

In February, destinations like Fregate, Denis, Praslin, and Mahé Islands (Seychelles private islands) are prime choices. Here, you can savour Creole cuisine, spot black parrots, and enjoy excellent ocean conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving, although brief afternoon showers are to be expected.

As March arrives, the trade winds subside, bringing less rainfall and higher temperatures compared to January and February. March boasts pristine conditions for scuba diving and snorkelling, with underwater visibility reaching an impressive 30 metres. One of the month’s highlights is the annual turtle hatching season, offering the chance to witness these baby turtles’ mad dash to the ocean.

For those travelling from April to June, April is among the hottest months, characterised by minimal wind and rainfall. It’s a popular time to visit Seychelles, especially to enjoy the island resorts. Diving and snorkelling conditions are excellent, and the warmer temperatures provide the perfect backdrop for lounging under palm tree shade, enjoying serene waters, and exploring lush forests.

May follows a similar pattern to April, with hot weather but slightly reduced humidity. The southeast trade wind starts in May, making it more favourable to visit the west coast of the island.

June maintains excellent weather, offering comfortable temperatures throughout the day and evening. While the wind is slightly stronger than May, it’s an ideal time for hiking through picturesque trails and exploring the islands. This is the best time of year for kayaking, sailing, and surfing, making the most of the windier conditions.

Visiting Seychelles from July to September, July is the coolest month, making it one of the best times to visit Seychelles, especially if you prefer to avoid the earlier-year heat. It’s an excellent time for surfing enthusiasts.

August continues to experience the southeast trade winds, with conditions similar to July. This month is perfect for hiking enthusiasts, as Seychelles’ trails and untouched areas beckon exploration.

In September, rainfall is minimal, and temperatures are slightly warmer as the rainy season approaches. It’s an excellent time for sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise-coloured ocean waters.

Travelling to Seychelles from October to December, October offers pleasant weather, serving as a brief window between the southeast and northwest trade winds.

November marks the official start of summer in Seychelles, bringing rising temperatures and the beginning of the rainy season. It’s advisable to stay on the east side of the islands during this time. For a quieter and less crowded island holiday, November is an excellent choice.

December, while busier due to the festive season, still experiences trade winds and rainfall.

Seychelles Travel Advice

At Reimagining Travel, the only thing you need to do is to pack your back, rest their experts are qualified to manage, arrange and accommodate, for you to have your best vacation.

Currency: Seychellois Rupee (advisable to carry US dollars and Euros too)
Transaction: Credit cards are commonly accepted at hotels and resorts in Seychelles. However, prices for services like car rentals, diving, park fees, and other additional expenses are typically quoted in Euros (or occasionally in US Dollars). In reality, the Seychelles Rupees are primarily needed for transactions at local markets or dining establishments.

In contrast to the all-inclusive resorts in Mauritius, many of Seychelles’ hotels do not include lunch or dinner in their daily rates. While you may have the option to add a full board supplement, it’s essential to note that food and beverage costs are generally on the higher side. So, be prepared to indulge a bit more to fully savour the delectable international and Creole cuisine available.

Recommended: Tipping in Seychelles is not a mandatory practice, but it is warmly received and appreciated. At your hotel, the decision to tip is entirely up to you. You have the option to individually tip staff members who have provided exceptional service by leaving gratuities in envelopes for them. Alternatively, you can opt to leave a general tip at the reception, which will then be distributed equally among the staff.

Average Year-Round Temperature: 22 – 30°C
Rainy Season: October to February

Regular/Everyday: When preparing for your Seychelles vacation, make sure to pack an ample supply of lightweight clothing suitable for the country’s warm tropical climate. Given that much of your time will be spent on the beach, it’s advisable to include essentials like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Additionally, pack a variety of casual beach attire such as swimwear, sandals, sarongs, shorts, t-shirts, and summer dresses. If you plan to explore the island’s trails and paths, ensure you bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes in your luggage.

Specific: Most Seychelles hotels typically have an expectation of smart-casual evening attire for dinners, along with appropriate footwear. However, since it’s a beach vacation, there’s no need to be overly formal. Men can opt for long trousers, while women may choose dresses for a comfortable and suitable appearance.

If you intend to bring a camera, it’s wise to stock up on film and batteries or additional chargers before departing for Seychelles, as these items may not be readily available on the islands.

Did you know that you can book your flights through Reimagining Travel? For further information and answers to frequently asked questions, please contact one of our Travel Experts.

International Airports
Seychelles International Airport:
The airport is well-connected with several direct flight options, including routes from Johannesburg and Nairobi. The airport is conveniently situated in close proximity to the capital city, Victoria, on Mahé Island.
Travelling between islands is a breeze if you’re not lodging on Mahé itself. Air Seychelles operates frequent flights to Praslin. Additionally, you can choose from fast catamarans and leisurely schooners that provide transportation between Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue. For those seeking access to the more remote private islands, charter flights and helicopters are readily available.

Most of the Seychelles islands are relatively small and can be comfortably explored on foot or by bicycle. However, if your accommodations are on the larger Mahé or Praslin islands, it’s advisable to consider renting a car. Despite the often narrow roads, they are in good condition, traffic is generally light, and distances are quite short.

Regardless of your nationality, Seychelles does not necessitate visas for entry. However, all visitors must possess a passport with a validity covering the entire duration of their stay, as well as a return or onward flight ticket and proof of accommodation. Upon providing these necessary documents, you will receive a Visitor’s Permit, which is provided at no cost and remains valid for three months from the date of issuance.

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