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What Is The Best Time To Visit Mauritius?

Mauritius is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. Be it for a family vacation or honeymoon, you cannot go wrong in visiting Mauritius to take a break from the struggles of life. We all need a break sometimes to function. The beaches and the blue skies are just two of the many joys this country has in store for you. The climate is mild throughout the year with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is also suitable for swimming. Mauritius has only two seasons, summer and winter, so the ideal time for visiting the country is from April to June and from September to December if you want to avoid peak summer and winter

Mauritius In Peak Season:

The peak season is from November to January and this being the holiday season, you will see tourists from all over the world here. Mauritius and summer go hand in hand. We’ve seen pictures and videos of the place and cannot deny that the greenery and the beaches are indeed beautiful. Temperatures rarely go beyond 30 degrees and there is rainfall for relief. The sea is great for sandcastles and the waters are just ideal if you have surfing in mind. Because Mauritius is an island, there is the scare of cyclones but it is well equipped to stand firm against them. This is a time when the accommodation prices will be high so you have to plan and make the bookings in advance to experience the island at its best.

Mauritius In Shoulder Season:

Shoulder season means that the rush of tourists is lower and so are the hotel and travel bookings. You will still experience the tropical feel that the island is popular for but the weather will also be cooler than in peak season. If you like snorkeling, exploit this time to take in the marine life Mauritius boasts of. The shoulder season months are from March to April and from October to November. 

The Low Season:

This is the season for the frugals. The low season is from May to September and if you are a budget traveler, the prices for travel and bookings will be low during this period. Do not worry as the place will be just as appealing as the peak and shoulder seasons. This can be a great time for reflection as there would be fewer tourists compared to the other months. The place would be quieter because, sometimes, we want an escape.

The Festivals In Mauritius:

Mauritius is a place where people belonging to different cultures coexist harmoniously. Therefore, the festivals celebrated in the country are diverse. People from three continents call Mauritius their home so it is no surprise that there are festivals galore in this country. Muslims, Hindus, and Christians live in peace, and if you visit when the festivals are held, you can surely have a great time and make amazing memories.

Here are some of the festivals that are celebrated in Mauritius. 


The Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese Year, or the Lunar New Year is celebrated in January or February. In this festival, the colour red is a very important feature because it is symbolic of happiness. Port Sino Mauritian Counter, China Town is where you can enjoy the celebration at its fullest. The place is decorated with lights and it brims with energy during the festival. It’s a great place for positivity. The street lion dances and the fireworks are just some of the highlights of this day. You can gorge on the moon cakes, wax cakes, and sesame seed cakes that you can easily find in grocery stores. This is also a great way to mingle with the locals.


Thaipoosam Cavadee

This is another popular festival held in Mauritius in January and February. Fire-walking and sword-climbing ceremonies are some of the attractions of this Tamil festival. The devotees showcase the piercings on their bodies and tongues and march in procession to the temple. They carry the ‘Cavadee’ in a trance-like state and in penance. The ‘Cavadee’ is a wooden arch decorated with flowers and each end of the arch’s base has a pot of milk which the devotee places before the deity. 

Ten days before the festival, a flag-hoisting ceremony called the Kodi Etram is held where the flag is kept afloat till Thaipoosam Cavadee is over. The temples where this festival is held are called Kovils and Dravidian architectural lines are used in their construction


Eid Ul Fitr

This is the first day in the Islamic month of Shawwal and is the end of Ramadan. Muslims observe Ramadan as a month of fasting and prayer. The Muslim communities in Mauritius celebrate the end of this holy month with great devotion, along with the other Muslims worldwide. Both Muslims and non-Muslims in the country collectively donate to the poor on this day.



Holi is usually celebrated in March and with Holi, spring begins. Hindus celebrate Holi by adorning each other with powder and liquid colours. It is usually a two-day-long festival and starts with a bonfire in the evening. Legend has it that the bonfire represents the death of the evil Holika after she attempted to murder her nephew. 

If you visit Mauritius during Holi, you can see the beaches, parks, and avenues decorated in colour. There are Holi parties where you can make the most of your visit to the country.


Kreol International Festival

This is a nearly week-long celebration of Creole history, the Mauritian culture, and the cultures of all the communities in the country. Concerts, art shows, theatre performances, and local performances are just some of the many highlights of this day. This event brings together some of the most popular Creole musicians, making the event one to look forward to.



Everyone in Mauritius enjoys Christmas, despite only 30% of the population being Christians. You can find Santa Claus in shops and enjoy tropical fruits such as longans, mangoes, watermelons, and more. Christmas is warm in Mauritius thanks to the fact that it is located in the southern hemisphere.



No matter when you choose to visit Mauritius, the temperature would be optimal for a peaceful time away from the noise of life and responsibilities. You can dive, surf, or bask under the sun to treat yourself to a much-deserved me-time. There is no end to what you can experience in Mauritius. A perk of being in the southern hemisphere is you can escape the chill if your country has cold winters. We hope our guide makes it easy for you to plan when you want to visit this beautiful island nation.

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