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The Best Time To Visit Seychelles


Are you thinking about escaping to beaches that only exist in movies? Where the waters are blue and you are basking under the sun? Seychelles may just be the destination you are looking for, and it’s also an island. The beaches can be a respite from everyday life which can get exhausting sometimes. These islands in the Indian Ocean can give you the calmness you are looking for. The country boasts attractions galore such as nature reserves and marine parks. You can engage in activities such as snorkeling and fishing among other activities to rejuvenate yourself.

There is no wrong time for visiting Seychelles. There is sunny weather throughout the year and the hottest months are from November to April while it is cooler from May to October. The cooler months are drier too. There are beaches like the Anse Lazio and the Anse Source d’Argent that are popular for having white sands and water that is crystal clear.

The Best Season For Visiting Seychelles

The Seychelles has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. In addition to scuba diving, there is an urban jungle in case you start pining for the city. You can visit the island destination in the peak season, the shoulder season, and the low or off-season. Let us cover these seasons.


The Peak Season

Honestly, you can visit The Seychelles at any time of the year and still get the most out of the country. However, if you want to see the best that country has to offer, the ideal time to visit would be from December to March and from July to August. The weather is sunny and mild during this time of year. If you turn up during this time, you will find calm waters and experience watersports. But if you are a budget traveler, this may not be the best time to visit Seychelles. If money is not an issue, make sure you make your visits months in advance, and if you have to wait unusually long for bookings, we hope you do not get surprised because, despite the perks, there is high competition for the bookings during this time.


The Shoulder Season

If you try to keep your spending moderate while traveling then you may want to visit Seychelles from May to June and from September to October. You may find a lower number of tourists but the weather will still be present. If you plan to visit the country during this period, you will not have to be on your toes to make bookings. The beaches will be comparatively less crowded this season. This period can also be a good time for a budget honeymoon. You can enjoy the sunsets and gorge on the cuisines the island has to offer. If you do not want rain to dampen your honeymoon experience, which we will talk about next, Seychelles is an excellent honeymoon destination throughout the year.


The Off Season

Since Seychelles is an island nation, it gets its fair share of cyclones and storms. The months of November and December are when the country experiences cyclones. So, if you plan to visit during this time, we recommend you be aware of the weather forecast. Make sure you carry things that can protect you from rain if you visit during the low or off-season. There is an advantage of the low season, however, you can enjoy the country with the lowest possible rates of travel and accommodation. So, if you are frugal, this can potentially be the best time to experience Seychelles.

The Ideal Month To Visit Seychelles:

Usually, Seychelles sees an increase in footfall from mid-December to mid-January. You can immerse yourself in the many cultural events and festivals if you choose to visit during this period. Here, we highlight the festivals Seychelles is popular for that you do not want to miss.


February And March

After celebrating the New Year in January, the months of February and March are the time of carnivals in Seychelles. There is also the Holy Week in March. The February carnivals and the Holy Week in March are linked to the Catholic World. The International Carnival of Victoria, which is world-famous, consists of many activities and events. 



If you like fishing then Seychelles is the place to be in April because this is when the National Fishing Competition is held. Fishermen visit the island to flaunt their skills and the locals also join in to show how the game is played. You cannot miss this if you think you are the best fisherman in the business!



Think you’re the best when it comes to underwater photography? Here’s your chance to dive to your heart’s content and have a date with the marine animals. The National Day Of Africa is also celebrated in May where there is art, music, dance, food, and much more. Many popular artists headline this festival.


June And July

Liberation Day is one of the most important festivals held in Seychelles. You will see parades in the streets of the country. Additionally, you can also enjoy musical and floral shows that are an integral part of this day. In July, you can also get to enjoy Independence Day, which is celebrated as intensely as Liberation Day.



The Festival de la Digue is held on the 15th of August when Catholic believers congregate go the island go tho Digue, which is the smallest of the main islands. They honour the Virgin Mary on this day. The island also hosts many sports events on this day.



September is the month of sailors in Seychelles as the Deau Vallon Regatta, or the yacht competition. This event sees many sailors flock to the island to showcase their sailing prowess.



The Creole Festival is held in Seychelles between the 22nd and 30th of October. It is one of the most important cultural events in the country. This event sees cultural exhibitions, dance competitions, musical spectacles, and delectable cuisines.


November And December

This is when the World Championship Of Fishing is at its peak. The All Saints’ Day is celebrated on November 1. It sees Christianity and paganism comes together, honouring the beliefs of the Creole people


Endless Possibilities:

You can visit Seychelles to treat your ways in uncountable ways apart from the ways mentioned above. Birds such as the black parrot and the blue pigeon, the former being the national bird of the country, are just two of the 250 species of birds found here. Additionally, 13 of them are endemic to Seychelles. Now you know what each month has in store for you if you visit the island and what animals to look out for, not to mention what benefits you can get in each season. We hope your trip is memorable and you get the most out of it. Happy and safe travels!

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