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When Is The Best Time For Visiting Zanzibar?


Well, that would be from July to September, when the archipelago on the eastern coast of Tanzania receives the lowest temperature. Actually, in this period, the average rainfall the place receives is 2.21 inches. Therefore, the best time has a lot to do with what you plan to do on the island. Global warming is making the prediction of weather in Africa very difficult and unpredictable. This is the time of dry winter and a great time to spot dolphins. This is also the time when the chances of rain are at their lowest. Let’s be honest, rains are a mood-killer while vacaying. The humidity is also low and the temperatures are usually around 30 degrees Celsius. Be wary about the prices because they may increase, for accommodations, and rentals, for example.

Wet Season In Zanzibar:

March to May is the time when the island experiences its first rainy season. Do not need to worry because it is far from the typical rainy season. Despite the rains, you can still enjoy scuba diving. The rains can last from 30 minutes to two hours. The skies will clear and you will have a great opportunity to enjoy sightseeing. The island receives an average rainfall of about 150-400 mm of rainfall in the wet season.

The second wet season in Zanzibar is from November to December. It is not usually as wet as the first rainy season, but you can expect some rainfall during this period.

Zanzibar’s Dry Season:

Just like the wet season, Zanzibar has two dry seasons, the first one being more popular among tourists. You’ll find a lot of tourists flocking to the island, some are traveling solo, some in groups, you name it. All in all, the season is for every tourist whether they are traveling on their own or not. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and the capital of Stone Town is great for taking a walk in.

The second dry season in Zanzibar starts from December to February, especially for children. You are likely to find more families in the second dry season compared to the first one. The activities will cater to the needs of the children and the average high temperature would be around 29 degrees Celsius. Finding a private spot may be difficult as you will probably find travelers wherever you look and in high numbers.

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The Many Festivals Of Zanzibar:

Do not mistake this archipelago to be quiet. You may escape to this paradise island to escape the fast daily life, but the vibrant festivities this place is famous for can rejuvenate you and hopefully make you realize that there is much more to life. Let us explore some of them.

Zanzibar International Film Festival

Do not worry in case you miss the music festival. We know that life is never an easy road and plans often fall apart. This festival, also called the ZIFF, will be held at the end of June this year for nine days. Like the previous festival, it celebrates the talent that people from not only Africa possess, but from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. And like the previous festivals, the films are shown in the Old Fort. ZIFF is not just restricted to films, but renowned artists showcase their prowess in music. There are also educational workshops and art exhibitions that headline this event.

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Zanzibar Beach And Watersports Festival:

This festival celebrates the beach life of Tanzania and organizes football tournaments on the beach, beach volleyball, bike racing, and rugby. Kite races and goat races are some of the highlights of this festival. The entertainment section is responsible for organizing bartending and yoga. You can find live music and jamming sessions in the food stalls.

Mwaka Kogwa Festival:

The ideal place for experiencing this four-day-long festival is Makunduchi, a village in the southern part of Zanzibar. It is a Zoroastrian festival and is a celebration of the New Year. The activities that characterize this event are mock fights and huge bonfires. Men defend themselves in fictitious conflicts by using banana stems rather than the previously employed sticks. The women stroll the fields singing about life and love while the men fight. The event requires the women to wear their best clothes and the men to taunt them. They are, in return, hurled good-natured insults by the women, which ends the fight. Different villages organize their versions of this event but Makunduchi can be called the epicenter. This is inclusive for everyone and is held at the end of July.

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The Swahili Food Festival:

This food festival is held in Stone Town and sees many restaurants and vendors attempt to attract potential customers through their lip-smacking delicacies.


Zanzibar is a great choice if you want to just unwind on the tranquil beaches, although not so tranquil during the peak season but you know what we mean. You cannot go wrong with this island destination and you can rest assured, you will get more than ample opportunities to bask in the sun or go diving. A divine experience awaits you. Happy and safe travels!

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