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Top Ten Best Tourist Attractions In Zimbabwe


The country of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has become a sought-after travel destination, especially for people who have an affinity towards wildlife. The country’s flagship safari place is the Hwange National Park which is famous for elephants, buffalos, antelopes, big cats, and more. The Zambezi River gives life to the Mana Pools National Park apart from the four oxbow lakes the mighty river has created. The floodplain which is a home for wild dogs exists because of this river and the lakes. While you’re here, don’t miss Lake Kariba where you can get close to hippos, African fish eagles, and crocodiles. Other attractions include the Bridal Veil Falls which is within the boundaries of Chimanimani National Park. The best time to visit the country is in the dry months from June to October. Another good time would be in the short dry season from January to February. There is more to Zimbabwe than these. Let’s have a look!

The Hwange National Park:

Being the country’s oldest and biggest game reserve, it is home to about 100 mammal species and is most popular for its tuskers. It also houses the rare African wild dogs, the brown rhino, and the critically endangered black rhino. There are luxury lodges as well as camps in the heart of the wilderness. The big five also fall in Hwange’s repertoire.

Great Zimbabwe National Monument

You will reach this monument after a four-hour drive south of the capital Harare or east of Bulawayo to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site is the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe and is the most important ruins south of the Sahara Desert. This monument is a reminder of the Great Zimbabwe. The monument was built between the 11th and 15th centuries and its ruins cover a large area. They also include a hilltop complex called an acropolis that used to house the kings and chiefs. You will find ruins of the humble dwellings sprinkled all over the valley. They were built with granite blocks with such precision that no mortar was required to keep them connected. Arab coins and Chinese porcelain have been discovered here which suggests that this was quite a happening place for trade in its heyday.

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Chimanimani National Park:

The mountainous Chimanimani National Park is on the easter border of Zimbabwe with Mozambique and is a great place to take in the beauty of nature. If you are a fan of hiking, this is the place to be. Lose yourself in the wilderness of Zimbabwe that this park offers. Of the many things that this park includes, there are plunging gorges and high peaks among others. The highest peaks go up to 7,990 feet or 2,440 m. The lower areas are densely forested regions that provide shelter to elusive wild animals such as the sable, the blue duiker antelope, and eland. This park is home to leopards and is a paradise for birdwatchers. Southern Africa’s smaller cat species such as the serval and caracal can be found here. There are unpaved hiking trails, communal huts, and cooking facilities that Chimanimani offers to its visitors. You can camp anywhere throughout the park.

Chinhoyi Caves:

These mysterious caves are in the north-central part of Zimbabwe and are a subterranean system of caverns and tunnels made of dolomite and limestone. The caves are part of the Chinhoyi Caves National Park. You can find remains of humans as well as pottery which suggests that humans have been here since the first century. These caves were shelter from the raiding tribes for the Mashona chief Chinhoyi and his people. The Wonder Hole is one of the main attractions of this place. It is a collapsed cavern with sheer walls that drop into the crystalline Sleeping Pool. The blue colour of the lake is the subject of many photographs. This is the place where visitors can enter the illuminated Dark Cave from. Season scuba divers can test their prowess in these caves.

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The Victoria Falls:

Being in the far-west corner of Zimbabwe, and being one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls is about 108 m in height and 1,708 m wide. The period between February and May is peak flood season and the spray can be seen from 48 km away. This spectacle gives the fall the name ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ or ‘The Smoke That Thunders’. We hope you can witness this behemoth of a waterfall soon!


It is the second-largest city in Zimbabwe and was founded by Ndebele king Lobhengula. In the Matebele War, the city came under the command of the British South Africa Company. If you have an interest in urban culture, you could do well by visiting Bulawayo. Much of the city’s current-day architecture goes back to the colonial era and walking the streets of the place will be like going back in time. One of the places to go in Bulawayo is the Natural History Museum. You can find taxidermied animals that you usually see on safaris and rare items such as dodo eggs and the fossil of the prehistoric coelacanth fish. The Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage is just a short drive away from the city’s southeast. The Nesbitt Castle in Bulawayo adds to the city’s history and functions as a boutique hotel.

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Mana Pools National Park:

This park is located in the far north of Zimbabwe and is one of the most visited pristine nature areas. It enjoys recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can spot animals like cheetahs, buffalos, leopards, hippos, and even the Nile crocodile. It’s only obvious that you’ll find a lot of water-based animals in Mana Pools. Thanks to the Zambezi River it has led to the formation of the pools. The length of the pools is approximately 3.7 miles or 6 km and provides water even when the dry season is at its peak. For this reason, this place is very popular among birdwatchers. It is also popular for walking safaris and self-sufficient camping.

Lake Kariba:

The Zambezi River feeds into Lake Kariba northeast of the Victoria Falls. This is another important waterbody on the Zambian border and was created after the construction of the Kariba Dam in 1959. In terms of volume, it is the largest man-made lake and has a length of 140 km. In terms of width, it is 40 km at its widest. The traditional way to explore this waterbody is through houseboats and is one of the best places for catching tigerfish. You can spot game in the islands on this lake and there are many lodges along the shore. The Matusadona National Park is on the southern shore of the lake and is a great option for experiencing the wildlife.

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africa package tour


A day on safari with Reimagining Travel is an immersive and sustainable journey that celebrates the wonders of Africa’s wildlife and landscapes. Through responsible wildlife encounters, community engagement, conservation support, and eco-friendly practices, we ensure that our safaris contribute to the preservation of the natural environment and the well-being of local communities. Join us in reimagining travel as a force for positive change, where every safari experience leaves a lasting legacy of conservation and respect for Africa’s remarkable wilderness.

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