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Planning A Serengeti Safari


The Serengeti is one of the best places in the world for a wildlife safari. Several factors determine the final cost of the safari. Some of them include the kind of lodging, the number of passengers, the preferred mode of transportation (air or land), the length of the trip, the season, and the addition of extra activities. Complete package costs, for example, range greatly from 450 USD per person for a low-cost 3-day tour (with six people per vehicle) staying in a low-cost camp to 1,700 USD per person for luxurious accommodations for a comparable safari.

We have tried to highlight some of these factors in this article below:

Best safari Serengeti
Planning A Serengeti Safari

The Accommodation:

Another important factor affecting the price of your Serengeti safari is the accommodation. Several affordable lodging alternatives are available in the park to suit all budgets. There are luxury safari hotels, mid-range tented camps, and low-cost camping for adventure seekers. In addition to the kind of lodging you select, the length of your stay and the season you travel during also affect the cost of your lodging (prices are higher during the peak season from July to October). Approximately 300+ USD per person/night during the low season and USD 600+ per person/night during the high season will get you into a posh tented camp like And Beyond Klein’s Camp or Nawiri Plains.

During the low season, a mid-range luxury safari lodge like Serengeti Serena Lodge will cost about 150 USD per person per night, and in the high season, 300 USD per person per night. Additionally, you can locate inexpensive tent campgrounds for 100 UDS or less per person every night. It is also far less expensive to camp in a tent but keep in mind that this is a basic campsite with only your tents and amenities just as basic.

The Time Of The Year:

The season is the first factor to consider while organizing your Serengeti trip. The term “high season” describes the peak travel period, which results in lower supply and higher costs. In the Serengeti, the best time to see wildlife is during the dry season, which coincides with the Great Migration. Large herds of wildebeest and other grazing animals traverse the Serengeti-Masai Mara environment in search of water and food during the Great Migration. The main season for Serengeti safaris generally lasts from June until October.

In the high season, safari cost ranges from 150 USD to 800 USD per person per night. The same in the low season ranges from 100 USD to 400 USD per person per night.

Serengeti Safari Planning
Safari Planning A Serengeti

The Length Of The Safari?

The number of days you intend to spend on safari will also affect the cost of your Serengeti safari. For this reason, we recommend travelers with tight budgets stay in the reserve for at least three days. Because lodging costs are substantially lower and the park is less packed with visitors than it is during peak season, the low season (April to early June) may likely see you spend less for a longer safari. If money is not an issue, we advise spending at least 4 days (or 3 nights) in the Serengeti to enable you to explore the park fully. This gives you ample time for leisure at your camp and enough safari game drives to see a variety of species at a leisurely pace. In the African bush, traveling “slowly” has many benefits.

Number Of Travelers:

Numbers impact Serengeti bookings, anything from drivers and airport transfers to overlanding vehicles and safari guides will have a say in the bookings. By adding more people to your safari, you can save on any costs that can be split. The savings mount up when you spread out these expenses for the journey. The secret is striking a balance between sharing costs with your group and enjoying a private experience. Adding more people won’t be an option if you plan a romantic honeymoon retreat. Sharing your safari experience with close relatives or friends could be the ideal solution.  


The following table shows the fees:

Season Adult (Per Day Period) Children (5-15 Years) (Per Day Period)
Peak 70 USD 20 USD
Low 60 USD 20 USD
Serengeti Planning A Safari

Serengeti Budget Transport:

The price of your Serengeti safari will vary depending on whether you want to travel by road or by air. The cost of flying to the Serengeti is more than that of driving there. It is a far better use of your safari holiday time and terrific value for money if you can afford to fly. From Dar es Salaam to the Serengeti, a one-way ticket may cost anywhere from 100 USD to 400 USD or higher. To get the best bargain, check with several airlines and compare costs. Remember that your ticket’s price can include extra charges for things like checked baggage, preferred seating, and in-flight meals.  

That being said, organizing a Serengeti safari involves choosing what fits your needs and your budget. Flying may be the fastest and safest choice, but renting a car and going on a self-drive safari in the Serengeti may appeal to anyone on a tighter budget or with a more daring attitude. You may rent a car in Tanzania for as little as 37 USD/day. Also, you may not want to drive a Suzuki Alto in the Serengeti. A good 4×4 will set you back roughly 160 USD per day. Remember that operating a 4×4 also calls for specialized knowledge and expertise.

Serengeti Safari Optional Costs:

Whether it’s a group tour or a custom private safari, a Serengeti safari will cover almost all the costs, including park admission, meals while on the safari, lodging, and transportation from the airport to safari vehicles and game drives. Your safari tour adviser will discuss what activities you want to and do not want to include. These are additions that are optional and frequently belong on bucket lists.

Visits to Maasai villages, nighttime game drives, horseback riding, escorted safari walks, and hot air balloon excursions are among the popular extras offered by Serengeti Safaris. Your Serengeti safari will cost more if you engage in these activities, even if they enhance your experience. 

Some of the activities and their costs are in the following table:

Activities Cost Per Person
Hot-air balloon ride 599 USD
Cultural village visit 300 USD
Bush meal 40 to 250 USD
Full-day game drive 100 USD to 500 USD


Hidden Costs

Aside from international travel, visa fees, and safari costs, the following is a brief list of additional safari expenses you may plan for when spending your vacation in Serengeti. Try to set aside money in your budget for these unforeseen expenses.


Souvenirs And Curious: Getting gifts for people back home or bringing something home yourself is usually a pleasant gesture. You will get many chances to shop around for a reminder of your Tanzanian Serengeti safari.


Alcohol: They are seldom ever offered. If you enjoy beer or scotch, keep some money for leisure drinking.  


Laundry: Packing space is limited due to airline constraints. Although they are offered, laundry services are private and you have to pay for them with your money.

Tips: Tipping is expected and is a significant portion of the safari economy. Waiters, waitresses, cleaners, guides, and lodge employees will all go above and beyond to ensure you have a fantastic stay. A standard gratuity is ten percent, but great service deserves more.

first time stay at Serengeti
africa package tour


It’s hard to say for sure how much a safari in the Serengeti would cost because there are so many excellent safari destinations. A 7-day tented safari can cost as little as 286 USD per person per day, while a low-cost 4-day safari starts at about US$ 475 per person per day. A seven-day private safari will, on the upper end, start at about 716 USD per person sharing.

Speak with one of African Budget Safaris’ knowledgeable safari specialists once you’ve decided on your destination, activities, and budget. They can assist you in planning your ideal safari vacation.

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