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Hand-On Conservation Safari in Tanzania

Hand-On Conservation Safari in Tanzania

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This 9-day luxury Tanzania hands-on conservation safari brings you to two of Tanzania’s largest and most unspoiled parks, Nyerere and Ruaha. This is Africa at its most wild, with charter flights to each camp allowing you to spend more time on safari.

Your African journey begins at Roho ya Selous, a tiny luxury camp in Nyerere National Park that will immerse you in nature with walking safaris, game drives, boating safaris, and catch-and-release fishing. Canvased and large tents are scattered throughout a thicket, ideal for experiencing life on safari.

Usangu Expeditions Camp in Tanzania is the next destination. This immersive seasonal camp is located in Tanzania’s largest protected region, The Ruaha National Park, and is open from June to November each year. Your safari journey comes to a close in Jabali Ridge, where you will spend time on safari game drives, walking safaris, and night drives. An infinity pool, a spa, and a magnificent lounge are ideal locations to unwind after a fantastic day in the wilderness.

What Is the Purpose of This Trip?

Asilia Africa is a B-Corp that has made significant investments in people and conservation; they are worth supporting because every night of your stay helps to this one-of-a-kind enterprise. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a conservation narrative from its inception, with so much to learn and so much to offer.

In Ruaha, go to the Douglas Bell Eco Research Station. You will work alongside the researchers to get hands-on conservation experience, such as setting camera traps and image analysis for predator detection, as well as monitoring collared lions (and other animals) via telemetry.

  • Hands-on conservation experiences at Usangu Expeditions Camp
  • Game drives, guided walks, and river safaris – superb big game viewing and predator action
  • Day and night game drives in Ruaha National Park
  • Stay at luxurious safari accommodations in Tanzania’s remote and unexplored game reserves
  • Fly-in comfort and convenience for more time on safari
  • Dar Es Salaam
  • Tanzania
  • Nyerere
  • Ruaha
  • DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – Dar Es Salaam Serena Hotel (1 NIGHT)
  • NYERERE, TANZANIA – Roho ya Selous (2 NIGHTS)
  • RUAHA, TANZANIA – Usangu Expedition Camp (3 NIGHTS)
  • TANZANIA – Jabali Ridge (2 NIGHTS)
10 Days

Day 1: Welcome to Tanzania! | 1 Night

DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA The Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam is an ideal place to begin your East African adventure: an oasis of luxury in the midst of the cosmopolitan metropolis. Relax in the shade of a parasol and sip a welcome drink on the poolside patio, which is set amid tropical plants. Your first night on safari is spent in a comfortable and large accommodation, and the hotel is centrally positioned to link you to the rest of your hands-on conservation experience.

Day 2-3: Journey into the ‘Heart of the Nyerere’ | 2 Nights

NYERERE, TANZANIA After breakfast, you will be driven to Julius Nyerere International for your charter flight to Mtemere airstrip and your luxurious stay at Roho ya Selous. This tented camp is located in the Nyerere National Park (previously the Selous), Africa's biggest reserve. Open only from June to mid-March each year, Roho ya Selous is set in a different habitat than the green plains of northern Tanzania, with palm trees, lakes, and rivers where elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, and hippos roam freely. It also has one of the continent's largest populations of wild dogs. Despite the chance for outstanding game watching, this part of the Serengeti sees significantly fewer people than others, making it a safari experience that seems far more personal - your own little Africa. You'll spend your days at Roho ya Selous on wildlife drives, walking safaris, and boating safaris, float past crocs sunbathing on sandbanks, and watch hippos wade in the shallows.

Day 4-6: Hands-On Conservation Safari Experiences | 3 Nights

RUAHA, TANZANIA Time passes, and it's time to move on to your next tented camp in a remote section of Ruaha National Park. For your stay at Usangu Expeditions Camp, you will be charter flown to Jongomero airstrip. This camp stands nestled in the trees on the banks of the Usangu Wetlands and provides a safari experience unlike any other. The neighbouring Douglas Bell Eco Research Station is what distinguishes Usangu. This is where you may participate in research initiatives and gain a better knowledge of the critical work being done in one of Africa's last frontiers. The experiences available will differ significantly based on which researchers are on the ground at the moment. You may help with research tasks such as camera trap placement, picture processing for predator detection, and telemetry monitoring of collared lions (and other species). It's a hands-on safari that ties you to the conservation and preservation efforts being done for this country and its wild inhabitants. Boating and paddling adventures across the Usangu Wetland's canals are also available, as are walking safaris over wide-open grasslands and sleeping beneath a limitless canopy of stars.

Day 7-8: Safari Luxury & Wild Encounters | 2 Nights

TANZANIA At Jabali Ridge, the final chapter of your safari adventure will be written. The Mwagusi River and the Ikuka escarpment may be seen from this luxury camp, which is situated on a rocky outcrop. Ruaha, with its sun-drenched plains, giant baobabs, and sturdy vegetation, is home to a plethora of species, including lions, elephants, buffalo, and endangered wild dogs. Jabali Ridge's architecture is remarkable and has been masterfully created to blend in with nature. Spend your days relaxing in the infinity pool, getting a hot-stone massage at the spa, and going on game drives to spot lions. You may also participate in night drives, a great time to see shy, nocturnal creatures and their predators. A professional guide can help you spot leopards, genets, servals, honey badgers, and African wild cats on the prowl. Following a delectable breakfast, you will be taken back to Julius Nyerere International Airport, where your safari journey will conclude. Speak with one of our Africa Safari Experts about adding a couple of nights in Zanzibar for a fantastic tropical island conclusion.  

Day 10: Farewell, Africa

After your final breakfast in Ruaha National Park, your Tanzania journey comes to an end and you will continue with your onward arrangements to get home.  
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  • Meals
  • Tourism Levy
  • Transfers
  • International flights
  • Airport taxes
  • All meals and drinks not specified
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature
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