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Africa: Best Places To Visit In June


Thanks to the clean skies and cool evenings, June is the appropriate time for visiting southern Africa. This part of the continent sees very little rainfall from June to October except along the coasts of Cape Town and Garden Route. Less rain means the animals come together at the waterhole, which makes them easier to spot. You can expect to capture some excellent photographs of animals in the most comfortable conditions. There is no need to wake up early for morning game drives as the days are short. 

The vegetation is sparse during this period which adds to why animals are easy to spot. Finally, there are little to no bugs and mosquitoes to pester you thanks to the rainy season that just ended. You can explore the place to your heart’s content as crowds are still a month away.  

The scene in the eastern part of Africa is different, however. This month is great for a safari in Tanzania or going to the island of Zanzibar to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Let’s explore the options Africa offers in June.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania:

June sees the migrating wildebeest herds coming to the Serengeti where they prepare for the river crossings. This activity is the toughest part of the migration. For about a month or so, the herds will move north along the silent banks of the Grumeti River. 

What lies on the other side is fresh grazing, and after trekking the south, the wildebeest are hungry. Once the tension breaks, they start to cross in ones or twos before the storm breaks and the herds gather across all together. 

The Nile crocodile is one of Africa’s most dangerous predators and it weighs between 300 to 900 kg. You may get to see them too if you’re lucky. They are indeed a sight to behold and show you just how the animals fight tooth and nail to survive in the African terrain.

Kruger Park, South Africa:

Kruger in June is the best time to catch the Big 5. This is the most popular wildlife destination in the country. In addition to that, the diversity this park offers is second to none. Kruger’s private game reserves will just be icing on the cake in terms of taking in Africa’s wildlife.

The best time to visit Kruger would be from May to October as theme months are dry. The vegetation is sparse during these months so it is easy for spotting and following game. The risk of malaria is also low in June as there is hardly any rain, making the days pleasant and the nights cool.

You will find Kruger’s private game reserves, which are not fenced off, along much of the western boundary. This means that animals roam the entire area. Kruger is one of the pioneers of the ‘luxury safari’ idea that includes five-star accommodation as well as watching the Big 5. There are also nature walks and off-road game driving which promises you an even closer look at Africa’s wildlife.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya:

As we’ve seen in the case of the Serengeti, there is something common between us and the Nile crocodiles, both wait for the Great Migration, for different reasons. Tourists flock to the riverbanks to witness this spectacle in the riverbanks.

In the Masai Mara across the border in Kenya, things are quiet but do not make the mistake of assuming that there are fewer animals here. The wildebeest start to arrive in the Masai Mara at the start of August after crossing the Grumeti and the Mara rivers. This is the time when the grasses grow tall which can camouflage the predators. You can easily spot giraffes, elephants, and buffalo throughout the year, and if you want to spot big cats like lions, cheetahs, and leopards, they can be seen in plenty in June.

The weather conditions are comfortable in the Masai Mara in June and you will have greater options for accommodations compared to August or September when the wildebeest migration begins. You cannot go wrong with Masai Mara. For an exclusive experience, there are the neighbouring private conservancies and activities such as night drives and guided walks that are not part of the reserve.

Lower Zambezi, Zambia:

The Lower Zambezi, the South Luangwa, or Kafue in  Zambia offer walking safaris in the dry riverbeds in June. The country offers an amazing view of the African wildlife in the form of big cats. Apart from these, you can engage in fly-camping under the stars and exploring the off-the-beaten-track bush camps.

Zimbabwe Walking Safari:

The best way to experience the Mana Pools National Park is through walks. 70% of the park is accessible only by foot. The journey begins at Kanga Camp. It is one of the remotest locations of the camp. The Zambezi expeditions start from Kanga which also includes camping alongside the said river. From Mana Pools, you can go to Lake Kariba which is one of the largest man-made lakes on the planet. Be prepared to catch sunbathing here. The Bumi Hills is near the Kariba and the top of this hill offers a bird’s eye view of the area. Do not forget to see the mighty Victoria Falls. The Mana Pools also has a range of waterbirds to feast your eyes on. Additionally, you can get to see wild dogs and elephants here too. At the end of the day, you can relax at the banks of the Zambezi River and relax at the spa. Sounds like a dream vacation, right? It certainly does to us.


We have covered everything that Kenya has in store for you. Now it is up to you to decide when you want to go. You can snorkel, dive, click photos of animals and birds, get to know in depth about the culture, engage in the many festivals, and much more. All we can say is, Kenya is a great choice if you want to witness the true essence of Africa with your own eyes

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